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Meet our Certified Behaviourist: Pine

Growing up on our family farm in northern Idaho, I was surrounded by dogs. No matter where I went, there was always a loyal canine companion following me.

My love for dogs began when I was just four years old, as I found a dog-sized harness in the barn and used it to play "musher" with our malamute mix, tying a little wagon behind him. This marked the start of my lifelong connection with dogs.

As I grew older, I became even more enamored with these furry friends. At the age of ten, I stumbled upon a book about agility training in the local library. I eagerly created my own makeshift agility course in the yard, with our patient family German shepherd enthusiastically participating.

In my teenage years and twenties, I worked with horses, but dogs were always there. It wasn't until later that I truly appreciated the remarkable bond between humans and dogs. This realization led me to become a behavior specialist, helping dogs and their owners coexist harmoniously. I'm passionate about teaching people about the unique qualities of dogs and ensuring that all dogs receive the support they need to be their best selves. There's always a dog with me, and I want that same connection for every dog guardian.

Why I joined Compawnion?

When I was initially approached to join the Compawnion team, I had doubts, but upon understanding their mission, I saw great potential. They aim to assist dog owners dealing with behavior concerns while also educating anyone seeking to improve their relationship with dogs.

Compawnion strives to bridge the gap, making dog help accessible via smartphones, regardless of resources or knowledge. My priority is always serving and protecting dogs and their trusting human companions. This app aligns with genuine behavior understanding and scientific principles, making it an exciting journey towards accessible, authentic dog training and behavior support.


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