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Why is my dog behaving weirdly?

Taking care of pets is equally, if not more, tiresome than taking care of kids and if you are new to it........... Best of luck. Like humans, dogs too have different personalities and reactions to circumstances which are affected by the atmosphere, weather and environment they live in. Extreme reactions to daily activities is what we call a behavioural issue.

What is a behavioral issue?

It's an extreme or undesirable reaction to daily activities for example:- biting when you go to pet your dog, excessive aggression while interacting with other dogs. These are all general signs of an underlying problem.

But why?... And how?...

Behavioral issues may blossom due to an environment which may trigger the dog or past experiences which may lead to the fluffball creating a habit out of it. More often than not it's a symptom of an underlying health problem which may have gone unnoticed before. Sometimes, these reactions decrease over time as the dog acclimates to newer habits and surroundings.


New pet parents should understand that each dog is its own individual and reacts to problems differently. So our advice to you would be to spend time with your doggo and get to know him better.


If you are still unsure of how to tackle your pet then subscribe to Compawnion’s services which provides in-depth understanding of the common causes of difficulties faced by your pet and brings you a personalized training program to tackle just that.


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