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Transform your Dog's Behavior Today

Your go-to online dog training app for fast and effective trainings 

a dog trainer with his golden retriever dog

Tail-oured by certified dog behaviorists


Decode your dog's behavioural mysteries with our questionnaire

Dog Training

Swift and simple training sessions under 10 minutes

Why Compawnion ?

Dog Treats
Dog Collar

"Identify your dog's needs with the compawnion questionnaire for a happier, well-behaved pup!"

Dog Brush
Dog Treats
Dog Ball
Dog Bone
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Happy Dog


Personalised training programmes built by certified dog behaviourists


Digital tracker with gamified training experience


Chat support with trainers throughout your training journey!

Analyze your dog behavior with
our questionnaire


User reviews

  • What is the Compawnion questionnaire?
    The Compawnion questionnaire is an in-depth assessment tool designed to identify any behavioral issues your dog may be experiencing.
  • What kind of training methods are used?
    We employ a range of training methods, all devised by certified professional behaviourists. Each method has been extensively tested to ensure its efficacy.
  • Are Compawnion trainers qualified and experienced?
    Yes, all trainers are certified professionals with extensive experience in dog training.
  • Is it possible to reach out to a trainer if necessary
    Yes, absolutely! We're your trusted companion throughout your training journey. Our certified behaviorists are here, just a text away, ready to assist with even the simplest queries. Improving your dog behavior together with Compawnion
  • What is the subscription fee?
    The subscription fee is £10 per month, but why not take advantage of our 7 days free trial and experience the benefits beforehand?
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