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Welcome to Compawnion!

Your go-to online dog training app for all things

dog behaviors!!

Training dogs is now LESS Stressful & MORE Enjoyable!


 Personalised training  programmes built by  certified dog 


Digital tracker with gamified training experience

A supportive community for users facing a shared challenge


What Our Happy Customers Say

Christy, USA

"I truly appreciated the app's flexibility in allowing distinct metrics for various tasks, enhancing customization. It effectively breaks down progress by metric and day, making it easier to track and celebrate improvements.”

Masaba, Slovenia

“After trying multiple apps and services which took hours to set up, compawnion’s interface which took just 2 min to set up was a breath of fresh air. 

The additional behaviour monitor is just a cherry on top.”

Patrik, Australia

"New pet parents often forget to enjoy the process due to worrying. Compawnion’s tracker showed me the progress my boy was making and helped me celebrate small victories and just enjoy the whole process without worrying too much."

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