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Two Dogs


To raise awareness and remove the stigma related to behaviourally challenged dogs and provide a platform for both the owners and pets to grow and bond together.

Dog in the Park

Our Motto

To make dogs smile!

Dog Dressed as Butterfly


Create an environment which nurtures growth and inclusiveness to pet parents and build a one stop solution to everything paws.


The story of Compawnion

Anyone who has raised pets develops a soft corner towards them. As a pet parent myself, I have a strong desire to make pets happy. However, being a pet parent can be difficult sometimes, especially when you are new to the game. Unknowing to the best ways to take care of your pets. I still remember the countless hours of research spent mindlessly scrolling through guides and hacks on how to take care of my pets. To make this process easy, I began ‘Compawnion’, with a mission ‘to make dogs smile’. By compiling everything a new owner needs to know about pet-care, we empower you to confidently ensure the wellbeing of your dogs and turn you from a pet parent to a “paw”some parent.

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