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Unleash a Happier Dog: 
A training app for every
pet parent!

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Effortless training progression through levels.


Digital tracker to visualise your dog’s training success.


Chat support with trainers throughout your training journey!


Quick and easy

Simplified training programmes for easy and quick implementation in under 10 minutes!


Fun and engaging

Turn each training session into a game with our fun challenges and rewards!



10x easier on your pocket compared to hiring an in-person trainer. 



Train anytime, anywhere with our quick, self-paced training plans that fit seamlessly into your schedule.


Chat support

Our paw-some experts are just a text away for your guidance - anytime, anywhere.


 Programmes tail-oured by certified dog behaviourists.


 Easy and engaging training sessions under 10 minutes!

Dog Training

 Expert Pet Advice, Anytime, Anywhere –

In Your Pocket!

Why Compawnion ?

  • Is Compawnion’s online training as effective as hiring an in-person trainer?
    Yes - our certified experts have poured in their 25+ years of experience to ensure the training programmes are effective to improve your dog’s behavior.
  • Does the app automatically train my dog?
    The app tells you how to effectively train your dog in a fun and engaging way, so you can implement that at the comfort of your home and improve your bond at the same time!
  • Can I reach out to a trainer if necessary?
    Yes, absolutely! We’re your trusted companion throughout your training journey. Our trainers are here, just a text away, ready to assist you even for your simplest queries?
  • How much does it cost?
    Our subscription is just $9.99 a month. Why not start with a 7-day free trial to explore all the perks before you commit?
  • What is Compawnion’s questionnaire?
    Our questionnaire has a series of questions carefully crafted by our experts to clearly identify your dog’s behavioral issues and its root cause to effectively address them.
  • What kind of training methods are used?
    We at Compawnion strongly believe in positive training techniques. As such, all our programmes are built using force free, positive reinforcement techniques.
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